Branding is an incredibly important part of having a successful business. Not only that, but it is also incredibly important when it comes to teams! After all, there's a reason teams and businesses alike have color schemes and consistent font choices. Below are two reasons why brand cohesion is imperative to a successful business.


A united front is a surefire way to show people that you mean business. If somebody is looking for your business, and your marketing materials all have one color palette, one font, and a unified aesthetic, but your website has the complete opposite, they might think that they are in the wrong place. If your company or team has shirts or jerseys, the following is advised: have them in a color scheme and font tied to your website and overall branding. This ensures that all facets of what you are promoting are tied together.

Increased Marketing Affect

Brand recognition makes consumers trust and recognize you. It's likely that if you think of some popular brands, you can easily recall their colors, logos, slogans, and even fonts! This cohesion allows the brand to stand out against its competitors.

Whether it is for a business or sports team, investing in high-quality, branded clothing is a surefire way to ensure your brand is cohesive, recognizable, and striking. If your company's shirt color matches your website, which matches your advertisements, it creates a correlation in the consumers' minds! If you have a team, even recreational, that has matching uniforms, all in the same color, it not only makes you stand out but shows that your team is unified!

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