Garment Stress Mapping

Many things separate SPRT from our competitors, including using responsibly sourced raw materials to help limit our carbon footprint, all while providing accurate color and consistency in our end products. In addition, we have unparalleled quality and workmanship, on-time delivery, and we guarantee our custom sports uniforms and apparel will properly fit.

The Garment Stress Mapping Process

One of the ways we ensure the fit is through our garment stress mapping process. Utilizing the best and latest design software, we can determine where problems might exist in the fitment of a product. To quote an old adage, “It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive.” Our design software guarantees we can get out in front of prospective issues.

Once we receive the data that something may be wrong with the fitments of your products, we then pass it along as a means to suggest adjustments for better-fitting garments. Ultimately, we are very detail oriented to provide our customers with the end products they deserve. Our design software helps provide us with a perfect market-ready garment.

Without question, garment stress mapping is a window into the future of shopping for sportswear. Let us bring you into the future today by using all the tools we have at our disposal to give you superior-looking and performing products.

If you have any general or specific questions about our garment stress mapping capabilities, contact us at your convenience.


SPRT Brand is thrilled to offer contract manufacturing solutions to upcoming, growing and evolving brands and businesses. Our USA based manufacturing facilities help to bring your goods to the market faster than ever before without a middle man.

Gone are the days of uncertainty from offshore manufacturing facilities. We guarantee our fit, color accuracy and deliver a quality product unlike anything in the market.

SPRT Brand is equipped with the greatest equipment to bring you a new experience in custom apparel.

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