The prototyping stage is one of the most important aspects of manufacturing custom sports uniforms and apparel. At SPRT, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied with their custom looks. The fit, tolerances, and construction are carefully reviewed during the prototyping stage. Prototyping allows us to be more efficient in the development process and helps augment the final product. Ultimately, prototyping saves time and guides us toward finding the perfect end result.

What Does the Prototyping Stage Entail?

The prototype phase gives customers an idea of what the final result will look and feel like. Notably, this is the ideal time to make changes and adjustments before the final samples are produced. The prototyping phase improves the quality of your design, allows for an opportunity to find areas that need altering, and allows different specialists to provide input.

Are you past the idea stage and ready to see a real world prototype? If so, SPRT will guide you through the prototype stage and take pressure off your deadline. Although we specialize in making custom uniforms for high school and college sports teams, we also work with businesses and other organizations. Using only responsibly sourced raw materials, we provide guaranteed fits, color accuracy and consistency, and punctual delivery.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs or if you’d like to see a stylish prototype for your sports uniforms and apparel, reach out to SPRT today.


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Gone are the days of uncertainty from offshore manufacturing facilities. We guarantee our fit, color accuracy and deliver a quality product unlike anything in the market.

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