When looking for clothing for your company or sports team, you will likely be flooded with websites that offer unrealistic prices and designs.

The reality is: it's likely that those websites and companies are offshore facilities. When you get your product after an extended wait time, don't be surprised if it severely lacks quality.

At SPRT, we have U.S.-based manufacturing. We only offer high-quality materials and ensure that your product is one you love. It's important to ensure that you go with U.S. manufacturing, and below are a few reasons why.



We've all experienced it. You order an article of clothing online on what you think is a reputable website, and when it arrives, the sizing is off, the colors are different, and the text flakes off after one wash.

This is not only frustrating, but indicative of poor manufacturing. In an effort to drive sales, many places falsely advertise their stock. This includes colors, texts, and clothing material.

At SPRT, our U.S.-based manufacturing guarantees your product is authentic to your wants and needs. We ensure our products are high quality, and accurate to our fit and colors. We never falsely advertise, and ensure you are satisfied with your product.


When companies outsource their work to offshore facilities, the quality degrades, and there are questionable motives and ethics surrounding their work. Many offshore facilities practice unsafe working conditions, in addition to underpaying and overworking their employees.

Efficiency and Speed

Since we are based in the U.S. our goods are able to get to you more quickly. Rather than having to go through a middleman, often having to be held up with overseas mail carriers- your order comes straight to us, is accurately created, and shipped straight from us!

When it's time to get branded clothing for business or athletics, we ask you remember us here at SPRT. The recipients of your clothing deserve high quality that shows you care.

 We offer high-quality, USA-made clothing with many options for customization. Call us at 833-355-4800 or visit us online to get started, today!