If you're ordering shirts or jerseys for your team, you may be stuck wondering how to do things. Typically there are two routes: taking orders or pre-ordering.

Some factors to consider are listed below:


Age Range

Are you coaching your eight-year-old's soccer team, or, are you ordering for your office kickball league? Depending on if you are ordering youth or adult sizes, there will be a price difference. Also, if you are ordering youth, it may be best to have the parents fill out a form. Some parents may want to size up due to their kids growing!

Financial Situations

An important factor to consider is the financial situation of you and your team. Can you put money upfront to order, then be paid back? Or is your financial situation better suited for receiving payment from the team, and then using that money to order the shirts?


Do you need your items ASAP- or do you have some wiggle room?

Now that we have some baseline questions to consider, below are some Pros and Cons of each!




- Shirts more readily available.

- If keeping styles the same for each season, can do a bigger bulk order.

- Can have extras if someone new joins or somebody needs or wants an extra shirt.


- People may not get the size they want.

- More of an upfront payment from the purchaser.

- May be "stuck" with the extras.


Taking Orders


- Everyone gets their preferred size.

- Less of an upfront payment from the purchaser.


- Takes longer

- May not have extras if one gets damaged or someone extra joining.


Taking orders ensures everyone gets a size they want- maybe they wanted a size smaller or larger than they would typically get, but are instead resigned to taking a different size. 

Pre-ordering ensures that you can have your shirts quicker, and, you may have extras in case anyone needs one!


At the end of the day, the best option is what works for you and your team. Both certainly have benefits!

Whether it is for a business or sports team, investing in high-quality, branded clothing is a surefire way to ensure your brand is cohesive, recognizable, and striking. If your company's shirt color matches your website, which matches your advertisements, it creates a correlation in the consumers' minds! If you have a team, even recreational, that has matching uniforms, all in the same color, it not only makes you stand out but shows that your team is unified!

When it's time to get branded clothing for business or athletics, we ask you remember us here at SPRT. We offer high-quality, USA-made clothing with many options for customization. Call us at  833-355-4800 or visit us online to get started, today!