If it's your first time ordering custom clothing, you may wonder about the journey you're about to embark on! Whether for a team or your business, it's a great way to have a cohesive appearance and show you care. To help prepare you for what's to come, we created a list of the two main things you can expect when ordering custom clothing.

Questions, Questions, Questions

Since your clothing is custom, that means we will ask a lot of questions to get to make sure we execute your vision perfectly! Some questions we may ask are:

- What style of shirts do you need?

- Are you adding any names or numbers?

- Are you adding your branding?

- How many of each size?

- Do you want the same colors for each?

Of course, there will likely be more. Once we go over every detail, we can get to work!

Attention To Detail

As you can tell from the above, we ensure we pay close attention to every detail! We put an immense amount of work and pride into our products and ensure your clothing is exactly what you envisioned. We'll also give our professional advice to ensure everything looks cohesive!

It Takes Time

While we get to work immediately, it will take some time! This isn't a mass-produced shirt from overseas, stamped with cheap vinyl and done in an hour. It is a high-quality, USA-manufactured good that is entirely customized to your preference!

Whether it is for a business or sports team, investing in custom clothing is a surefire way to ensure your brand is cohesive, recognizable, and striking. If your company's shirt color matches your website, which matches your advertisements, it creates a correlation in the consumers' minds! If you have a team, even recreational, that has matching uniforms, all in the same color, it not only makes you stand out but shows that your team is unified!

When it's time to get branded clothing for business or athletics, we ask you remember us here at SPRT. We offer high-quality, USA-made clothing with many options for customization. Call us at  833-355-4800 or visit us online to get started, today!