Many people think that uniforms are only for major sports teams. This isn't the case! Any team can have uniforms, and truthfully, they all should! Below are some reasons why your team needs a uniform- and don't worry, we will tell you how to begin your order!

Protects Your Clothes

Even a casual rec league game can get intense. And while you may think most people wear shirts that aren't special- it isn't uncommon to see a sentimental shirt being worn during games. The last thing you or anyone would want is a player ripping or staining the shirt from their first-ever marathon during a game! Having a uniform ensures that no personal clothing gets damaged!

Designed With Exercise in Mind

Uniforms are designed knowing you'll be exercising and playing sports. This means no itchy-when-wet fabric, less risk for large sweat marks, and a bit more durability than a plain cotton shirt can offer. At SPRT, our shirts and jerseys are made with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, ensuring a comfortable and cool time!

Bonds The Team

Having a team uniform comes with many benefits- perhaps the biggest benefit is that uniforms bond your team! You all work together as a team on the field, and ordering custom uniforms is no different! Everyone can collaborate and share their ideas for team names, colors, and logos. And of course, you all will appear cohesive on the field with matching uniforms!

No matter your level, having a cohesive look with high-quality sportswear is a great way to feel great. When you're ready to get your uniforms, we ask you to remember us here at SPRT. We offer high-quality, USA-made clothing with many options for customization. Call us at 833-355-4800 or visit us online to get started, today!